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Clan Meetings are not to be mixed up with Practice. Meetings are on Saturday at 9:00 P.M! Practice is every night aslong as we have enough people to make teams. Also, we are making and purchasing Clan Shirts! (Hoodies,Wrist bands, hats,pants) DETOMA is currently making designs. No these are not free you will have to pay but it wont be expensive. With iCoN growing we have promoted a new Leader and Co-Leader. Congratulations iCoN x itragikz on becoming a Leader. And XxLostHeroxX on Co-Leader. Over the weekend iCoN advanced to 19-1. Thanks ~iCoN x ReJecTeD~


 iCoN 4 man teams for gb! get used to playing with eachother.

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iCoN x DreaMz V
iCoN x DreaMz V

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iCoN 4 man teams for gb! get used to playing with eachother. Empty
PostSubject: iCoN 4 man teams for gb! get used to playing with eachother.   iCoN 4 man teams for gb! get used to playing with eachother. EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 6:17 pm

Ohkay these teams are permanent. If you have a problem with these teams talk to me privately and i ill do my best to edit them.

Team 1:
iCoN x Rejected
iCoN x Sniipez
iCoN x Tragikz
iCoN x TeXan

Team 2
iCoN x iPro
iCoN x iReact
iCoN x Reality

Team 3
iCoN x FusiioNz
iCoN x MoTion
iCoN x phenomz
iCoN x Haze

Team 4
iCoN x StuINz V
iCoN x Shabangyz
iCoN x iReo
iCoN x Dakota

Team 5
iCoN x Vortex
iCoN x Homicide
iCoN x Defiled
iCoN x Virus

Team 6
iCoN x Ben4r
iCoN x Kroniik
iCoN x Monster

Team 7
iCoN x Chaotiic
iCoN x Visiionz
iCoN x exotiicz
iCoN x twisted

those are all the names ican remember from the top of my head. good luck to you guys. talk to eachother a.s.a.p so you guys can start up a gamebattles team. i expect you guys to do your best and not to make the clan iCoN look immature at all. Who ever name is first for each team is the leader of that squad. More teams will be posted when i remember your names... lol as you can see teams are pretty even. I tried to pick ppl on the same team that actually know eachother. good luck guys and have fun

Last edited by iCoN x TeXan on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:00 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Changed some names around. put motion on a team. took lost hero off.)
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iCoN 4 man teams for gb! get used to playing with eachother.
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