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Want to join iCoN x Nation? Join the forum to find out how! Talk with other members, mature players, and active GB teams. Maybe your the right one to fill one of our many rosters! Join our Family today! Founder - iCoN x ReJecTeD
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Clan Meetings are not to be mixed up with Practice. Meetings are on Saturday at 9:00 P.M! Practice is every night aslong as we have enough people to make teams. Also, we are making and purchasing Clan Shirts! (Hoodies,Wrist bands, hats,pants) DETOMA is currently making designs. No these are not free you will have to pay but it wont be expensive. With iCoN growing we have promoted a new Leader and Co-Leader. Congratulations iCoN x itragikz on becoming a Leader. And XxLostHeroxX on Co-Leader. Over the weekend iCoN advanced to 19-1. Thanks ~iCoN x ReJecTeD~


 ICoN x Nation!

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iCoN x ReJecTeD
iCoN x ReJecTeD

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PostSubject: ICoN x Nation!   ICoN x Nation! EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 8:32 am

Welcome to the world of iCoN x Nation!

So somewhere along the line on your days of playing xbox 360, you have played with an iCoN member? You figure you would learn more and see what we are about. Well this is the only place (beside playing with us online) were you can join and find out what this family is all about. So without further ado here are our rules and code of Conduct.



1. No Racism will be tolerated. (Joking around and a player knows it is one thing.)

2. When playing with iCoN x Nation, WE DO NOT talk smack in the pre-game lobby unless other wise noted.

3. iCoN members should not under any circumstances SCAM. Yes iCoN does havea modding team and we will help when we have the time.

4. iCoN members should not allow others into iCoN unless told by a Co-leader or someone with a rank higher.

5. All rules that the United States,Canadian, and UK governments apply on this forum.

6. When playing with iCoN members, never have a clan tag in your name unless you havn't changed your name yet. then "iCoN" must be your clan tag.


So now we come to the Code of Conduct ( COC )

This is the way of iCoN we strongly encourage you to all use it.

As a member of iCoN x Nation, I will do my best to my gaming brothers/sisters. Every game i will contribute 100%. I will not break the rules of iCoN or insult another member out of hatred or anger. I will stride to become better and make a name for myself. I will not disrespect the name iCoN that has been stowed upon me. I am a warrior of iCoN a messenger from those above to destroy those who stand in my way. I will not give up when the tough gets going. I understand some people have bad games, or play differently from me, but i will not insult or flame them. I will HONOR the name iCoN x Nation.

iCoN Code of Conduct and way of life.
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ICoN x Nation!
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