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Clan Meetings are not to be mixed up with Practice. Meetings are on Saturday at 9:00 P.M! Practice is every night aslong as we have enough people to make teams. Also, we are making and purchasing Clan Shirts! (Hoodies,Wrist bands, hats,pants) DETOMA is currently making designs. No these are not free you will have to pay but it wont be expensive. With iCoN growing we have promoted a new Leader and Co-Leader. Congratulations iCoN x itragikz on becoming a Leader. And XxLostHeroxX on Co-Leader. Over the weekend iCoN advanced to 19-1. Thanks ~iCoN x ReJecTeD~


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iCoN x KarMy

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PostSubject: Please Read   Please Read EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 9:03 am

Hey icon i am really tired of people trash talking towards icon and me.. and im so sick of this kid iReact or iReality or whatever that kids icon GT Name is but he was trashtalking last night so he wanted to 1v1 and i spanked him.. but that is not the point.. the point is that im sick of people trash talking me. and i hate the fact that i cant do anything about it.. And we need to have practice more often and clan battles.. I love icon x nation but if it comes down to me and the immature icon members.. I might consider in leaving.. The immature and (Dont wanna be rude here) Squeakers are kinda agrivating me and need to be dealt with immediately.. well thats my thoughts up till now.. Later Neutral

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iCoN x DreaMz V
iCoN x DreaMz V

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PostSubject: Re: Please Read   Please Read EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 1:51 pm

this will be dealt with karmy. as soon as i get back on this firday ill take care of everything. since ryan isnt going to be on that much and texan has school work right now people need to listen to me and tragikz so if you have a complaint talk to the leaders about it. dont do it out here on the forums where everybody can read it . just letting you know and i will speak to both those players you have metioned. and btw karmy when you see this send me a text 13474757081
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