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 How to Mod your Gamer Tag

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How to Mod your Gamer Tag Empty
PostSubject: How to Mod your Gamer Tag   How to Mod your Gamer Tag EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 5:40 pm

Modding your gamertag can be fun and noob friendly! However it does come with a few minor set backs. Such as reseting your sensitivity, and your button layout. So heres how to do it!


Xbox part 1 :
1. Plug in your USB in your Xbox 360.
2. Go to My Xbox - System Settings - Memory - Hard Drive or MU - Gamer Profiles
3. Select your Online Profile
4. Move your Online Profile to your USB.

Computer part :
5. Now plug in your USB in your Computer.
6. Open up USB Explorer (USBXTAFGUI)
7. Now select File --> Open Device
8. Double click 0. {dir}Content and browse for the profile you want to mod.
9. Select "Extract"
10. Save it anywhere you want, but keep the name as it is!
11. Now open up EzGt 2.2 and open up your Profile.
12. Mod your name
13. Save it. (It will be a folder)
14. Go back to USB Explorer (USBXTAFGUI)
15. Click on "..." to go back to the main folder and double click 0. {dir}Content again.
16. Now click "Inject Folder" and browse for the profile you saved.

Xbox part 2 :
17. Plug in your USB in your Xbox 360 again.
18. Go to My Xbox - System Settings - Memory - (Your USB) - Gamer Profiles
19. Now move your Modded and your normal profiles to your Hard Drive or MU.
20. Start MW2
21. Go to Multiplayer
22. Sign in onto your modded profile
23. Select Xbox Live
24. Now it will ask you to sign in to a different account.
25. Select your Online Profile.
26. Now select Xbox Live again and there's your Modded Gamertag Very Happy!

Colors :

^1 - RED
^2 - GREEN
^4 - BLUE
^5 - CYAN
^6 - PINK
^7 - WHITE
^0 - BLACK
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How to Mod your Gamer Tag
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